Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

Linkedin Traffic - Drive Traffic to Your Blog With LinkedIn

The social media has exploded in 2008, and the number of folks participating in multiple social media channels is growing fast. Linkedin is the number one social networking site for business professionals. While communities such as Facebook and Twitter do get some attention from business professionals, Linkedin is specifically designed to give the business pros the opportunity to network with others and build relationship.
Bloggers can use LinkedIn to drive traffic to their blogs and get some exposure. It has many features available for bloggers to allow them to share value and build relationships. The best way to start with Linkedin is by adding your blog(s) to your profile. Building a solid profile is the first step you need to take if you want to get some exposure in that community.

You should also try to build up your network. You should try adding former colleagues, friends, and folks that you know from the past. As you add value and participate in the community, you are going to get more friend requests.
You can also use Linkedin groups to get more exposure in the community. There are hundreds of business groups available on Linkedin that you can join and start participating in. Your goal should be to truly add something to your group. Linkedin nation is very sophisticated and you won't get away with just plugging your blog.
Linkedin's Q&A feature is very powerful as it can help establish you as an expert in your niche. You can ask question and also answer questions. You should try to ask meaningful questions about the developments in your blogging niche. You should also try to provide the best answers possible to the members' questions. Communications on Linkedin are very much similar to real life communications. In essence, when you ask a question and folks take time to answer your question, you should try to get back to all the participants and thank them for their time. You can also engage them to try to add them to your connections later on.
Linkedin applications are a great way to share you blog RSS with your connections. You can add these applications to your sidebar and your feed will be available for folks to see.
Linkedin is more formal than Facebook and Twitter, and it should be treated as such. While it can drive you significant traffic, you should avoid looking unprofessional. So it is safe to be polite and thoughtful on Linkedin.

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huwaaa..gw bloger baru niih mohon panduannyaa..
kok bs tamunyaa sebanyak ituu....gw baca ini mlah jd binguung...mohon panduannya..hehehe

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layak dicoba...

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Nice info..bro, thank's

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