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What is SEO vs SEM

SEM: Search Engine Marketing - using search engines to market/promote the website (e.g. Google Adwords, sponsored linked, etc). You pay to have your site listed on search engines through their various promotions, and you may have to pay for each user the search engines send your way.

If SEO is working as intended, then there may not be a need for a SEM campaign; where as you will still need an SEO strategy even if SEM is working for you.

SEM has a higher running cost and the cost is directly proportional to the number of users sent or the position of your ad.

SEO and SEM are usually best serviced by the same provider because they have already performed the research, have extensive consultation with you, and know which strategy is best for the task at hand.

SEM, in most cases, can be implemented in real time and results are immediate. Hence, if traffic is essential to your web site and you’re still waiting for the SEO results, a short term SEM campaign m ay provide you with the traffic while waiting for your SEO to come through.

ALGORITHM The search engine’ s mathematical formula used to determine how a web page will be placed/ran ked in the search results pages.

ALT TEXT “Alternate Text” – use to de scribe the image (for users/browsers that do no t support i mage display). This text appears when you hover your mouse over an image.

ANCHOR TEXT aka Link Text, the clickable text of a hyperlink – text used to describe the link.

BELOW THE FOLD Content of a web page that is not seen by the user unless the user scrolls down.

BLIND TRAFFIC Low quality traffic gene rated by misleading banners or SPAM.

CLUSTERING – In search engine search results pages, clustering is limiting each represented website to one or two listings.

CPA Cost Per Action.

CPC Cost Per Click.

CPM Cost per 1,000 impressions.

CSS Cascading Style Sheets.

CTR Click Through Ratio.

DOORWAY PAGE A web page designed to draw in Internet traffic from search engines, and t hen direct this traffic to another page or website.

EPV Earnings Per Visitor.

HIT A single access request made to the server. A web page can register multiple hits due to the number of graphics and/or scripts making u p the page. Not an accurate measurement of traffic.

IBL Inbound Link. A l ink fro m another site to your site.

OUTBOUND LINK A link from your site to another site.

PAGE VIEW S The number of times a we b page is served/viewed. More accurate measurement of traffic than “HI TS”.

PPC Pay Per Click.

QUERY The execution of a search on a search engine.

ROI Return on Investment.

SE Search engine.

SEM Search Engine Marketing.

SEO Search Engine Optimization.

SEP Search Engine Placement.

SERP Search Engine (Search) Results Page.

STEMMING Variations to a particular word. E.g. if one was to query the search engine for "design ", the search engine (that supports stemming) may return results that includes "designs ", "designer" and “designing”.

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