Senin, 22 Desember 2008

Make Money Blogging More Traffic, More Leads, More Money!

Start any new business with a blog. It's much easier to start a blog than creating a website from scratch.
What blog platform should you use?
I've achieved top rankings for many of my keywords with my blogger blog. When your visitors and subscribers read your blog, something magic happens. Who wants to learn how to blog for money?

Step #1: Set up one primary blog around that features your BEST content, and your strongest affiliate offers.

Step #2: Create categories on your primary blog around the keyphrases above

Step #3: Point the primary phrase link in each blog, lens, hub and social profile at the appropriate category page on your blog

Step #4: Rewrite the content above about 30% or so, and post on your primary blog.
A lot of work? is - about 2 weeks per blog to get GREAT traffic to ONE "thick" affiliate blog that converts like crazy for a long time to come on ONE primary offer.

Most folks are either starting a blog or have already done it. It's true that most folks start with a personal blog. But there is money to be earned in the blogging world. Some folks go for the money right from the start. The right way to make money from a blog is by providing real value that keeps folks coming back for more. A few top bloggers recommend not using any ads on a new blog until proper trust has been earned. There are many affiliate marketing and CPA networks that you can use to search for proper offers for your blog.
Writing search engine friendly posts can also help you receive free-targeted traffic from search engines.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog With LinkedIn

Linkedin is the number one social networking site for business professionals. Bloggers can use LinkedIn to drive traffic to their blogs and get some exposure. The best way to start with Linkedin is by adding your blog(s) to your profile. Linkedin nation is very sophisticated and you won't get away with just plugging your blog.
You can ask question and also answer questions. You should try to ask meaningful questions about the developments in your blogging niche. Linkedin applications are a great way to share you blog RSS with your connections.